About the Euroleague Betting System

The 2011/2012 season is the debut season of my online slots free spins no deposit uk.

The system is similar to all my other online casino paypal book of ra systems, like my NBA Betting System(NBATips.Net), my WNBA System(WNBATips.com), my Golf Betting System(GolfBettingTips.net) and a variety of other sports betting systems that I run.

By that I mean play double bubble slot that it is a computer program that makes predictions for the games based on all data recorded from previous games.

This is a highly sophisticated betting system(if I do say so myself!) that is always evolving. In laymans terms, once each week is done and I feed it the data, it looks at what occurred, why it occurred, and what changed the final score. With many complex formulas involved, it is an always-evolving system that is basically learning, and theoretically getting better as weeks go on.

I hope!

I keep a lot of the information about the betting system to myself. This is because I’d rather others don’t duplicate it. That’s why when I provide the tips, I don’t provide any of the data that backs up the tip. The fact is that I have an edge when it comes to sports betting, and if I release all the information on how I create that “edge” then there’s a very good chance that the edge will be taken away. I have had to turn down purchase offers from oddsmakers in relation to my WNBA Betting System in the past, simply because long-term I knew it was the right decision to keep that information to myself.

Why the Euroleague Tips Are Free:

So I’ve spent hundreds of hours on this betting system – shouldn’t I sell the picks? What am I gaining out of giving the tips away for free?

Well I’ll tell you straight up – I want to sell the picks. Eventually, I hope to. However the only way for me to do that is for me to provide you with winning tips free. Then once you’ve gained my trust, I can look at making additional funds by selling the picks.

The Euroleague 2011/2012 season will all be free betting tips. Even if I go 10-0, I will not turn around and charge for the tips. All of the Euroleague Betting Tips will be 100% Free.

I want to thank you for visiting the site and trusting me in terms of betting tips. Hopefully we can all make money this Euroleague Betting Season!