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Whats up guys,

My name is Graeme, although in the best free spins no deposit uk I’m known as Dealer Dan, and I want to welcome you to my online casino paypal.

Before you sign up for my tips and start betting, there’s a few things you should know:

I’ve Never Bet Euroleague Before.

I haven’t, and I want to be upfront with you about that. Prior to the 2011-2012 season I’ve never bet on or handicapped the Euroleague. However I have a lot of experience when it comes to betting in play double bubble slot (I’ve bet sports professionally since 1994) with a huge focus on basketball betting(I run the highly popular NBATips.net & WNBATips.com.

Now you may be rolling your eyes at this point, and wondering why you should follow my Euroleague Betting Tips. It’s simple: Experience, Research & Statistics. First of all, I had never bet WNBA before or even watched it until the 2007 season, and I ended up having four huge winning seasons after that. I’ve been betting for years – I know what it takes, and what to consider when it comes to winning at sports betting.

Second of all, I don’t approach anything “willy-nilly”. I’ve put hundreds of hours into working on and perfecting my Euroleague Betting System.

My Euroleague Betting System:

I take betting extremely seriously. One of the first things that I learned was that you can’t let emotion affect your picks. Yet it’s so easy to do so. I have found in my years that statistical and data focused sports betting is what you need for #WINNING sports betting.

Based on that, all of my sports betting is the result of computer systems. I have spent hundreds of hours working on a Euroleague Computer Betting System, and testing it based on previous years Euroleague games. I have written a similar highly successful betting system for sports like the WNBA, NBA, NFL and Golf.

I Don’t BS You:

You can look at all my other betting sites and you’ll see that at no point do I BS you. All my picks are the result of (what I like to think is) a highly sophisticated computer system. I don’t “feel”. I don’t “think”. I don’t use irrelevant statistics like “This team is 9-0 ATS when it’s sunny out” to back up a pick.

I give you Euroleague Betting Tips based on my computer system. Simple as that.

I Bet Everything I Tip:

I didn’t create this system for you. I created it for me. I created it because I wanted to bet on the Euroleague this season. Rest assured that every bet I place on this website I personally bet. I’m not going to risk my money on careless bets, so I won’t risk yours.

My Euroleague Betting Tips Are Free:

This is my first season handicapping the Euroleague. While I have spend a ridiculous amount of time working on the system and using historical data to perfect it – I just wouldn’t feel right charging you money at this point.

If we have a successful season, then I may look at charging in the future(like I do with my NBA & WNBA betting tips). However the 2011/2012 season all tips are 100% free.

Where To Bet Euroleague:

If you aren’t sure where to bet Euroleague then don’t worry – one of the most important things for me is choosing the best sportsbooks to bet at.

What sportsbook to bet Euroleague at depends on what country you reside in. I’m a professional sports punter – I know the sportsbooks like the back of my hand. Based on that, I would recommend you look at these sportsbooks for your Euroleague Betting Needs:

Americans: BetOnline
Canadians: Titan Bet
Everyone Else: Tower Gaming

These are the best offerings for Euroleague Sports Betting.

Why I Am Now Betting Euroleague:

I am now betting the Euroleague for one reason – the NBA Lockout. For those unaware, the NBA season has been postponed for a couple of months due to a player lockout. As someone who bets professionally and relies on that income, I needed to fill the void.

While the Euroleague doesn’t offer as many betting opportunities as the NBA, it’s still something I can use to supplement my income. I’ve worked for hundreds of hours on my Euroleague Betting Picks system, and I feel confident in it enough to bet, and to recommend my betting tips to others.

Subscribe to my Euroleague Betting Tips:

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Thanks for subscribing, and you can contact me at dan@dealerdan.com!