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Whats up guys,

My name is Graeme, although in the best free spins no deposit uk Im known as Dealer Dan, and I want to welcome you to my online casino paypal.

Before you sign up for my tips and start betting, theres a few things you should know:

Ive Never Bet Euroleague Before.

I havent, and I want to be upfront with you about that. Prior to the 2011-2012 season Ive never bet on or handicapped the Euroleague. However I have a lot of experience when it comes to betting in play double bubble slot (Ive bet sports professionally since 1994) with a huge focus on basketball betting(I run the highly popular NBATips.net & WNBATips.com.

Now you may be rolling your eyes at this point, and wondering why you should follow my Euroleague Betting Tips. Its simple: Experience, Research & Statistics. First of all, I had never bet WNBA before or even watched it until the 2007 season, and I ended up having four huge winning seasons after that. Ive been betting for years I know what it takes, and what to consider when it comes to winning at sports betting.

Second of all, I dont approach anything willy-nilly. Ive put hundreds of hours into working on and perfecting my Euroleague Betting System.

My Euroleague Betting System:

I take betting extremely seriously. One of the first things that I learned was that you cant let emotion affect your picks. Yet its so easy to do so. I have found in my years that statistical and data focused sports betting is what you need for #WINNING sports betting.

Based on that, all of my sports betting is the result of computer systems. I have spent hundreds of hours working on a Euroleague Computer Betting System, and testing it based on previous years Euroleague games. I have written a similar highly successful betting system for sports like the WNBA, NBA, NFL and Golf.

I Dont BS You:

You can look at all my other betting sites and youll see that at no point do I BS you. All my picks are the result of (what I like to think is) a highly sophisticated computer system. I dont feel. I dont think. I dont use irrelevant statistics like This team is 9-0 ATS when its sunny out to back up a pick.

I give you Euroleague Betting Tips based on my computer system. Simple as that.

I Bet Everything I Tip:

I didnt create this system for you. I created it for me. I created it because I wanted to bet on the Euroleague this season. Rest assured that every bet I place on this website I personally bet. Im not going to risk my money on careless bets, so I wont risk yours.

My Euroleague Betting Tips Are Free:

This is my first season handicapping the Euroleague. While I have spend a ridiculous amount of time working on the system and using historical data to perfect it I just wouldnt feel right charging you money at this point.

If we have a successful season, then I may look at charging in the future(like I do with my NBA & WNBA betting tips). However the 2011/2012 season all tips are 100% free.

Where To Bet Euroleague:

If you arent sure where to bet Euroleague then dont worry one of the most important things for me is choosing the best sportsbooks to bet at.

What sportsbook to bet Euroleague at depends on what country you reside in. Im a professional sports punter I know the sportsbooks like the back of my hand. Based on that, I would recommend you look at these sportsbooks for your Euroleague Betting Needs:

Americans: BetOnline
Canadians: Titan Bet
Everyone Else: Tower Gaming

These are the best offerings for Euroleague Sports Betting.

Why I Am Now Betting Euroleague:

I am now betting the Euroleague for one reason the NBA Lockout. For those unaware, the NBA season has been postponed for a couple of months due to a player lockout. As someone who bets professionally and relies on that income, I needed to fill the void.

While the Euroleague doesnt offer as many betting opportunities as the NBA, its still something I can use to supplement my income. Ive worked for hundreds of hours on my Euroleague Betting Picks system, and I feel confident in it enough to bet, and to recommend my betting tips to others.

Subscribe to my Euroleague Betting Tips:

I like to offer various options for subscribing to my Euroleague Betting Tips. Here they are:

Thanks for subscribing, and you can contact me at dan@dealerdan.com!